So I discovered Pintrest recently. It’s this fabulous site where you can add pictures–kind of like a giant all purpose filing cabinet for stuff on the web. I love it! I’ve found lots of DIY projects for my hubby (he’s thrilled-imagine a grown man dancing around the house while singing the lyrics from Westside Story with a twist, “I’m so happy. Oh so happy!”). Clothing and hair ideas. I even found a recipe for making your own laundry detergent–a year of detergent for 20 bucks! Made it this morning, in fact. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And now you’re wondering what this has to do with writing? Hang on, Mr/Mrs Impatience. I’m getting there.

I’ve created a folder for character ideas, cover ideas (see above), world building ideas. I’ve been saving images to a Doc folder for years for my reference, but this way they’re all together and I can share them! Fantastic, right? If you want to see all the fun things I’ve found, here’s my page:

And now for the other bit of randomness. When you finally have a book published, you keep hitting these milestones that remind you that you’re a real author-when you meet your first squealing fan, when you get your first paycheck . . . stuff like that.

Well I had another one . At a writer’s conference this weekend, all these people I’ve looked up to for years kept passing me in the halls and saying, “Hey, Amber.” “I like your shirt, Amber.” “You have a bit of fry sauce on your chin, Amber.” I kept thinking, “They know my name!” and “I didn’t have fry sauce with lunch?”

So freakin’ cool!

Anyway, who’s on Pintrest? Do you love it? If not, WHY?

Amber Argyle

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